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Overcoming challenges with maternal vaccine trials

In this article from Pharmaphorum, Dinah Knotts, VP of Project Management in Vaccines and Infectious Diseases and Mitsu Rana, Senior Director of Project Management outline some of the challenges with maternal vaccine trials and how with careful planning and execution by researchers, these can be overcome throughout the trial process.

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Breaking the silence: Understanding perinatal mood disorders

Postpartum depression affects 14 percent of women and is unique in that it can be a devastating disease to both mother and child. In addition, postpartum depression is associated with abnormal development, cognitive impairment, and psychopathology in the children. Among patients with postpartum depression, onset occurs before or during pregnancy in approximately 50 percent. This webinar recording helps to :

  • Different conditions that are associated with perinatal period
  • Therapies available
  • Regulatory landscape
  • Clinical trial considerations
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Hot flashes, brain fog and the blues: Frontiers in menopause treatments

Hot flashes, brain fog and the blues: Frontiers in menopause treatments

Over the past few decades, women’s health has become a greater focus of both academic and pharmaceutical industry research and treatment development. However, treatment options for women going through menopause and post-menopause remain limited.

This webinar recording helps to:

  • The different conditions that are associated with menopause
  • Therapies available
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Women's Health Webinar

In this webinar with the Financial Times, experts in the field of Women’s Health including ICON’s Vice President of Women’s Health, Deirdre Albertson, discuss how incredibly important women’s health is but how under served and certainly underfunded it is as an industry.

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