Real World Data

Optimising the use of real world data to drive effective outcomes

Real world evidence (RWE) continues to drive healthcare and research discussions and decisions. ICON delivers Real World Intelligence®, bringing together innovative thinking and technology solutions to identify, generate, and communicate the clinical, safety and cost-effectiveness evidence that regulators, payers and providers demand.

Generate RWE using cross sectional studies and medical chart reviews

Download our white paper, Real World Evidence Generation: The Value of Cross-Sectional Studies and Medical Chart Reviews to learn how this hybrid approach to study design can be advantageous for generating real world evidence. Get insights on the issues you need to consider to ensure that your study is planned to produce robust scientific data that can be extrapolated beyond the study population. 

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Reduce the cost of post-market surveillance with real world data

Real-World Evidence (RWE) is derived from Real World Data (RWD), and early use of Real World Evidence can cut post-marketing study costs and Medical Device time-to-market.

Devices are especially good candidates for early RWE use since evidence collected in the context of actual patient care from previously approved versions or similar devices often can be used to supplement findings from clinical trials of the latest version in development.

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RWD and Alzheimer's disease

Real world data such as sleep quality and quantity have clinical relevance in Alzheimer's disease, providing objective measures of sleep and activity patterns that are not subject to patient recall bias. Review the use of wearables in Alzheimer’s disease to provide objective measures of sleep and activity patterns that are not subject to patient recall bias.

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Harnessing technology to maximise RWE value

Late phase research is undergoing rapid transformation due to the impact of healthcare digitalisation and the greater availability of and access to Real World Data (RWD). 

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Meeting evidentiary needs with EHRs

How can the abundance of Real World Data (RWD) from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) enhance your late phase research studies while decreasing study costs?

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