Using Technology Advancements to Produce Powerful Real World Evidence (RWE)

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This webinar will discuss how the ability to ingest and normalize a variety of real world data sources is paramount to produce powerful real world evidence. Join us to gain valuable insights on:

  • How electronic medical records (EMRs), claims, and wearable device data can be ingested in one platform to create a single data repository
  • How an AWS-powered RWE platform can normalize these disparate data sources to create meaningful output
  • A case study showcasing a holistic analysis to uncover a full spectrum view of therapeutic area treatment patterns​


The use of real world data (RWD) analysis to drive value-based care for patients and impactful real world evidence (RWE) for regulatory stakeholders, continues to accelerate. As more sources of anonymized data become available, the ability to ingest and normalize these disparate data sets can become a rate limiter for creating insightful, analytical output.

Advances in technology are now keeping pace with the increase in available data. These advancements provide an unparalleled opportunity to bring together the most meaningful RWD, from claims data to physician notes to wearable device data and beyond. By first standardizing and then linking the collected data, you are able to create RWE that is tailored to address specific questions that have been posed at the beginning of a research study or that are required by regulatory and market access stakeholders.

Powerful data handling, combined with functionalities such as natural language processing (NLP), used to “read” unstructured RWD, and machine learning, which expedites advanced analytics and predictions within a data platform, further drive efficiency and access to immediate insights. With these advanced technology tools in place, the ongoing ingestion, processing, and analysis of new data can propel biopharma companies to improved, data-driven, and evidence-based decision making throughout the product life cycle.

Creating a strategy to drive this process and identifying which data sources will provide the richest analytic landscape are also important steps to consider. It has become ever more important for companies to utilize a broad array of RWD sets available to measure a product’s true performance through real world outcomes. This can then reinforce the product’s inherent value in the marketplace. Having access to a powerful, agile technology platform will ensure that no matter what data sources become available for future analysis, the framework is in place to support evolving requirements.


Bill Row, MBA, MS

Divisional Principal, Real World Evidence Strategy & Analytics, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes (ICO), ICON plc

Bill Row is a seasoned drug development professional with over 19 years’ experience in study design and execution, portfolio management, department building, strategic planning, and relationship management.  Bill is a recognized leader in the design, operational strategy, commercial, and technology applications of RWE at both pharma and CROs. He has held leadership roles in executive management, clinical operations, project management, and strategy and innovation, with an emphasis on late phase and real world evidence programs. 

Bruce Capobianco

Senior Director, Technology, Real World Evidence Strategy & Analytics, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes (ICO), ICON plc

Bruce Capobianco has over 25 years’ experience in the architecture, development and implementation of complex big data solutions. He leads a team to develop, enhance, and maintain RWE technology solutions for ICON clients. He has a proven track record of identifying and implementing secure, usable and enduring technologies that augment business processes and optimize productivity. At Syneos he led a global team of architects, developers, PMs and SQA staff in the development of a HIPAA-compliant, trial patient recruitment system, and established and drove disruptive technology trends for competitive advantage. 

Dr. Anand Dubey, PhD

Senior Manager, Ecosystem Innovation, Real World Evidence, Business Solutioning, Saama Technologies

Anand Dubey joined Saama Technologies in April 2017 as Business Solutions Architect, Real World Evidence and is responsible for RWE product and solution development for clinical operational group. Prior to joining Saama, Anand worked at Genpact, a global professional services firm, where he focused on technology-enabled solutions for clinical, data sciences, and commercial team. 

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