Practical Strategies to Overcome Key Process Challenges to Drive Real Operational Change in Clinical Trials


The pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis of declining ROI with R&D efficiency levels dropping year on year. Although many companies have dedicated substantial effort towards improving their large scale operational efficiencies, only 25% have integrated these efforts across the process. In this session, we'll discuss how to bring together your efficiency efforts to drive organizational and process change. Based on findings from our industry survey, we will offer practical strategies to show you how to overcome key process challenges to drive real operational change in your clinical trials.

This webinar is part of a three day Clinical Trials Design series of webinars, organised by Pharma IQ.


Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett

Executive Vice President, Global Scientific Operations

Andrew Garrett is Executive Vice President Scientific Operations at ICON, responsible for strategic direction and operational execution of ICON’s Global Scientific Operations. He was Chair and Founder of the Royal Statistical Society’s (RSS) Data Science Section having previously been VP/Honorary Secretary of the organisation, and Chair of its Long Term Strategy Group. He was previously a Board member of the UK’s Administrative Data Research Network and is currently a member of UKSA’s Research Accreditation Panel that oversees the approval of research projects in accordance with the Digital Economy Act 2018. He has worked extensively in the area of rare diseases and has a portfolio of published papers on the topics of non-inferiority trials, subgroup analysis, data transparency and modelling and simulation. Dr Garrett has a BSc in Economics, an MSc in Medical Statistics and a PhD in Applied Statistics.


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