Why 62% of Companies are Planning a Holistic Approach to Transform Clinical Trials


Pharma R&D efficiency levels are dropping year on year, leading to declining ROI. R&D investments fell from more than 10% in 2010 to less than 2% in 2018.

Adopting individual initiatives and tactics can improve clinical trial efficiency, but the potential is even greater when they are applied in a coordinated fashion to reimagine and reinvent the R&D enterprise.

Companies realise the need for a holistic effort to transform trials, but according to an ICON survey, only one in five survey respondents stated their organisation currently has a holistic/integrated approach to drive clinical trials transformation. In too many organisations, efforts remain siloed and therefore potentially not delivering their full potential for full process efficiencies and economic value.

Find out how to overcome clinical process challenges to gain new levels of operational efficiency.

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Topics covered:

  • The top challenges when conducting clinical trials
  • How new market needs require new ways to generate evidence
  • Three principles for transforming trials
    • Adopting a radical patient focus
    • Alternative Trial Designs
    • Automated Digital Data Collection & AI Analysis
  • Key capabilities to develop


Clinical operations staff (VPs, Directors, PMs, CTMs, CRAs).


Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett

Executive Vice President of Scientific Operations

Andrew Garrett is Executive Vice President Scientific Operations at ICON, responsible for strategic direction and operational execution of ICON’s Global Scientific Operations. He was Chair and Founder of the Royal Statistical Society’s (RSS) Data Science Section having previously been VP/Honorary Secretary of the organisation, and Chair of its Long Term Strategy Group. He has worked extensively in the area of rare diseases and has a portfolio of published papers on the topics of non-inferiority trials, subgroup analysis, data transparency and modelling and simulation. Dr Garrett has a BSc in Economics, an MSc in Medical Statistics and a PhD in Applied Statistics.

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Clinical Trial Design Online Summit

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