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Our capabilities

ICON is the leading provider of Functional Service Provision (FSP) globally. Our team of operational, functional and therapeutic specialists offer a range of FSP models that can be customised to deliver the most efficient operating model for your organisation. We bring a suite of capabilities, expertise and technology to augment your operations, increase R&D efficiencies and improve site engagement to access patient populations and deliver timelines and milestones. We have deployed FSP solutions across all major functions from clinical monitoring and project management through data management, statistical programming and beyond.

ICON FSP experience

  • 90+

    FSP partnerships
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  • 90+


Functional areas

Our offering includes a range of globally scalable FSP solutions that are customised to provide support where and when you need it. We have significant experience in providing bespoke FSP solutions, particularly in:

How our solutions are customised

Management model

The oversight of the team is tailored to the requirements of the program. Our role can range from complete functional management, including performance management, to administrative only.

Role requirements

Team members are sourced and assigned based on the business need and client expectations. Cultural fit and qualification are a key part of the assessment process to ensure best fit and maximise retention.


Team location

We work with you to determine the best location for teams including country, city and office or home-based location.


 We have a dedicated training team who work in partnership with you to develop a suitable training platform for the ramp-up phase and ongoing development of the team.

Innovation & value

 We partner with you, and where relevant any other providers, to deliver against your objectives. Whether they are value focused or striving to deliver continuous innovation, or both.

IT infrastructure

Our teams can leverage your IT infrastructure or ICON’s. We have extensive experience managing the migration of systems and can support a system upgrade as part of the ramp-up phase.

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