Delivering global HTA, health economics, reimbursement and outcomes solutions

Value generation and demonstration

By leveraging our global expertise in health economics, market access strategy and value communications, clients can successfully communicate product value to their key stakeholders. 


Services through all stages of development and commercialisation

Drug and medical device developers need commercially relevant and scientifically rigorous evidence to elevate the value proposition and reimbursement potential of their products. Our experts use established methods and innovative tailored solutions to help clients generate HEOR evidence, meet specific HTA challenges with early advice and submissions, support market access and bolster arguments for product reimbursement.

Economic value demonstration (Evidence generation and synthesis)

  • Analyses of adherence, compliance, and convenience data
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Economic modelling
  • HEOR strategic planning pre- and post-launch
  • Network meta-analysis and indirect treatment comparisons
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Secondary database analyses
  • Systematic literature reviews and critical appraisal
  • Payer-relevant endpoints for clinical trials

HTA scientific advice and reimbursement

  • Early parallel scientific and HTA advice
  • Economic modelling and HTA advisory boards
  • HTA and payer evidence/landscape assessments
  • Local model adaptations
  • HTA and reimbursement submissions

Value communication

  • Global value and reimbursement dossiers
  • Digital/e-learning internal trainings and workshops
  • Dossier and general objection handlers
  • Interactive/digital payer engagement decks and payer facing tools

Value proposition

  • Define product position
  • HTA value message testing
  • Practice pattern analyses to identify new positioning
  • Value story and messaging development

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