ICON Central Laboratories provide a full range of laboratory services dedicated exclusively to testing and clinical development.

ICON's global network of fully accredited laboratory facilities in the US, Ireland, Singapore, and China operate with state of the art instrumentation, coupled with identical analytical platforms, SOPs, QC materials & reagents to support large global studies.

Since our inception in the early 1990s, we have successfully managed the laboratory, investigator and logistical support requirements for thousands of clients in virtually every phase and therapeutic area of clinical development.

Global capabilities

We recognise that clinical research and development is a global endeavor and every aspect of our central laboratory service revolves around that requirement. From the time of study setup to data-lock, the dedicated teams at ICON Central Laboratories work to blend the global consistency in operating procedures and database management with the unique local needs of Investigator sites to offer a service package that works – anywhere.

Our global logistics team has more than 30 years of industry experience and has managed the shipment of study supplies and specimens across the globe. No one is better placed to understand the unique logistical requirements of your clinical study.

All of our central laboratories have been fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Discover more about ICON's certifications, licenses and accreditations.

Client services

At ICON Central Laboratories every aspect of our service is guided by our commitment to:

  • Listen to our clients needs and respond with custom, innovative services
  • Deliver accurate test results and data
  • Meet project timetables
  • Readily respond to client and investigator questions and concerns
  • Deliver competitive, cost effective central laboratory services

We realise that our ability to deliver this level of service is highly dependent upon quality communication regarding study expectations, progress and outcomes. And while every department in our company plays a vital role in your study as it progresses, we strive to make study coordination and communication as straightforward and efficient as possible. 

In addition to encouraging daily communication and feedback from our clients and investigators about the quality of our services, every year ICON Central Laboratories conducts a comprehensive Site Satisfaction Survey, as well as a rolling Client Survey to gauge satisfaction and design process improvement based on direct client feedback.