Making it easier for the patient

The ICON Patient Engagement Platform features an easy to navigate, user friendly website enabling patients to explore new and ongoing studies available, opt-in and connect with their nearest clinical research site.

  • Web based and optimised for mobile access 
  • Patient pre-qualification questionnaire helps the patient to find the right study 
  • User activity visible to site staff in near real-time for increased transparency on progress

Patient outreach
Patient recruitment specialists work with you to develop outreach programs and incorporate the right mix of digital channels, traditional methods and patient advocacy partnerships to attract patients to the patient engagement platform. 

Increasing patient access to clinical trials 
Details on new and ongoing studies categorised by therapeutic area can be accessed easily by patients through a user friendly, easy to navigate website. This enables them to consider trials as a clinical care option and discuss the impact of participation with their families and caregivers in the comfort of their own home. 

Supporting sites to boost recruitment 
Site staff can view the status of the patients that have come to the website and completed the pre-qualification questionnaire. This increases visibility of potential study participants and supplements patient recruitment driven by site staff.


Patient Engagement Platform - How it works